Sunday, October 23, 2016


I've recently been challenged to start writing again, so here's to writing more than twice a year!

When we moved to the Upstate from the Lowcountry, it was hard for me emotionally and physically. I was struggling with undiagnosed anxiety that was manifesting itself with physical symptoms like exhaustion, tingling in my hands and feet, and insomnia.

I had managed to lose about 10 pounds before the move, but over the course of that summer and into that depressing fall and dark winter seasons, I began to eat a lot. It's not like I was extra hungry or anything, but it felt like I had no control over my actions, and I would hide and eat fattening foods under the guise of wanting to be alone to rest.

I spent a lot of time alone that season. Depression/ Anxiety wears you out and I was taking naps daily. Eating and napping, I sound like a baby, but the eating was out of control.

I read books, I prayed, I counted calories, I asked for accountability, but nothing seemed to work. Fast forward a year and several sessions into counseling, I was officially diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder and put on medication to manage it. That was a turning point in my life. A true sense of freedom that I had not experienced in a very long time.

So, here I am.  It's been a year on the medication and I haven't broken the cycle of overeating. Sure, it's gotten more under control. Having a job has helped because I'm not home to eat alone. I did a stint of being faithful at the gym, I dabbled in hiking, but overall I've been rather sedentary.

There are some good, valid reasons (hello, Mono!) and some not so good excuses, but I found myself here recently praying for the millionth time about my seemingly inability to overcome my struggle with weight loss.

And here's the little nugget that God gave to me that is slowly beginning to affect change: I may think that I'm only hurting myself when I sneak food, but I'm hurting my kids too. The truth is, I don't want them growing up with a Mommy who is always on a diet. I don't want them to figure out that my dinner portions are so small because I'm full by the time I sit down for dinner from all the snacking I did while I cooked. I also don't want them to have a Mommy who can't keep up in tag or soccer games. If I don't jump on the trampoline, it had better be due to delivering 3 babies naturally and not because I'm freaking afraid that I will break the darn thing. (Dramatic, I know, but you get the point!)

I'm not taking a stand or making a declaration. I'm not committing to anything, except to honesty. It's time to be honest with myself. My emotional health majorly affects the mood in our home, but the reality of how I view myself and how I treat my body is affecting the people I love too.

This is uncomfortable and embarrassing to write about, but frankly, the fat roll on top of my not-so-skinny jeans doesn't feel good either.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Let's go shopping at Aldi's!

If you're shopping at Aldi's this week, I recommend that you stock up on Eggs and Milk! Seriously, a dozen eggs for $1.09 and Milk for $2.19! The price of beef may have gone up, but I'm loving the other staples we get from a cow!

I bought 4 dozen eggs this week. Overkill for sure, but when our family eats eggs, we usually eat 7 in one setting! Eggs and toast are a staple breakfast in our house - we eat that at least 4 times a week! It's fast and filling and cheap!

If you're looking for something more exciting to do with your eggs, try making a breakfast casserole! I love this casserole from Ree, the Pioneer Woman. Everything she makes is delightful, but this recipe is especially great! As with most recipes, I tweaked it a bit to fit our tastes. For all of his perfect aspects, my handsome husband does not eat mushrooms. This could have been a deal breaker for me 13 years ago, but then I saw his drummer toned legs and I decided to look past his misjudgment!

No mushrooms for us and I subbed the kale out for spinach. Frozen, chopped spinach that I typically forget to thaw before using. It's just so much cheaper and easier to use then kale, but if you have a hankering for kale, go for it! Bonus points for this casserole - make it the night before and simply pop it in the oven an hour before breakfast the next day! Delish!

Also, at Aldi's this week, check out the low prices on zucchini and squash! I am anticipating lower prices on these veggie staples come summer, but for now, I'm loving the $1.29 for 24oz. If your kids aren't so sure about zucchini, try slicing them into thin rounds and doing a quick sautee in olive oil. You can also make yummy "noodles" if you have one of those fancy veggetties.

I have found that with consistency, I can get my kids to eat just about anything - notice I said "eat" not "like"!  Yes, there has been gagging at my table and a one time puking experience (that was a dark day) but the kids know that I'm going to serve this green veggie at least twice a week, so eventually they just get used to it.

I shop at Alid's every single week and I'm smitten for sure! The prices are unbeatable and the minor "hassle's" really are just a tiny blip on a super fun shopping experiences!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Christmas Offering

I took a long nap this morning, from 10:30 till noon. I was convinced that this necessary nap wouldn't keep me awake tonight, but here I am, after midnight and I have found myself wanting to blog again. We are days away from Christmas, tomorrow being Christmas Eve in our house. (We're celebrating early.) I want to share a story, not to bring recognition or pride, but to share what God's been teaching me and how He's using my children to do that.

A week or so ago, Christmas cards arrived for my children, containing money for each of them. It was quite a lot of money for a seven, four and two year old to possess. As they sat at the table in awe and wonder of the $25 dollars in their hands, I casually mentioned the Christmas offering. My heart's desire was to gently remind them that with every blessing God gives us, we give back a tenth to Him as a way of saying thanks and expressing trust in His provision. But before I could get the kid-friendly words out, my Lucas quickly spoke up and said that he would be giving all of his money to the Christmas offering. Matt and I were very surprised at our historically stingy child, so we asked a few questions, trying to figure out his motivation for such a generous gift.

But his simple answer revealed a child like faith and desire to give to our church "so they can keep helping people." The next morning on our long ride to church, I asked him a couple more times if he really truly wanted to give all of his money, and every time, he emphatically said yes. Forty-five minutes later, Lucas gave his $25 without any attention or affirmation from anyone. It didn't seem like a big deal to him at all and in fact, he hasn't mentioned it since.

I have to wonder about myself and the size of my faith as I reflect on my child's generous gift. He wasn't worried about not having money in the future. He wasn't worried if God would replace the money he gave. He didn't need other people to see him give or know that he gave "a lot". He simply gave.

During that long car ride to church, we talked about the woman in the Bible who gave just a few coins but Jesus called out her faith. Lucas was very familiar with the story and even told it to his brother and sister. I can't help but think about how it wasn't about the size of the gift she gave, it was her complete and total trust in her heavenly Father.

In this season of shopping and more shopping, God has challenged me to be generous with the people I love and with people I don't even know. (Don't worry, sweet husband if you read this, He's also taught me to be a good steward of our money!) Through many difficult seasons of life, I've learned over the past 9 years of our marriage to trust God with our finances. But the issue God has been pressing on me is, do I trust Him enough to be generous? To give above and beyond the tithe.

This Christmas, we have been very purposefully teaching our children that "Santa" represents the spirit of giving because at Christmas we recognize that God gave us the best gift of all - His son Jesus - who would later give up His life for us. Our Father is so generous with us, He doesn't just give the minimum requirement!

I am so encouraged to see the faith our son demonstrated that day with his offering, and I believe that God will give me plenty of opportunities to do the same if I will simply trust Him enough to be generous.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby steps

Guess what?

I'm taking steps today to get just a little closer to my dream. We're off to the gym in a little bit to keep working towards losing those 38 pounds. I'm also working on a plan to sell specialty homemade cheesecakes during the holidays. Doing something I love and making some extra money for the people I love. Pretty great stuff!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just a little dream

Looking through Pinterest tonight a funny thing happened. Instead of feeling like the most untalented and least creative person on the planet, I actually felt inspired. I let myself dream a little.

In my dream world, I'm 40 pounds thinner, wearing an adorable, feminine dress, and ballet flats and I'm baking a scrumptious treat for someone special. I love trying new recipes, especially when it comes to desserts. 

I would bake every day if I could and had an endless grocery budget.

And I'd wear dresses every day too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Part of moving to a new town, a new neighborhood, is putting yourself out of your comfort zone to meet people. I feel kind of like I'm dating again. Dating for friends. Searching for friends for the kids and friends for myself. We still live in the Charleston area, just moved to a new part of it. Thankfully, I can look back to 2009 and 2010 and see how God was really pushing me to get out of my comfort zone because He was preparing me for this new phase in life! (Love it when I can look back and see a purpose for my discomfort and pain!)

I can't help but ironically chuckle when I think about how God radically took me out of my comfort zone by relocating our family to the low county a year ago, and how He has done it all over again with this new move to Mt. Pleasant. Now, we're only 40 minutes away from friends and familiarity, but when you're coordinating around nap schedules and bus drop offs, traveling that far can make a big difference. 

I've only meet a few young mommies so far, but I am finding that the joys and trials of mommyhood are a great meeting ground when making friends! It's pretty easy to laugh about the latest nap battle or phase of independence. You're child refusing to go to the potty? That's great, my toddler loves to smack his sister with his chubby, sticky little hands! Ha Ha. Oh, your Kindergartner would rather play all day and not practice his reading and writing too? Awesome. We're bonding all ready.

Today we're playdating again with new friends and I'm pretty excited. I have lots to talk about.... siblings who argue, my always-eating toddler, my 3 year old who loves to pretend to be a baby..... It's gonna be great!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not hungry anymore

5 pounds into my new weight loss journey and I must admit, I'm pretty excited. Oh the road before me is very long, but I am so hopeful. After 2 years of firmly cementing my bad eating habits into place, I'm ready for change. Ready to eat smaller portions, pig out on fruits and veggies and stop compulsively eating!

I have even allowed myself to believe that I will achieve my goal weight by my 30th birthday! Yes, I will enter my 30s at my lowest weight since getting married and I have 5 months to do it!

Ready for change. Ready to see things happen. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I think going to the library should be fun. Reading is fun.  Libraries have books. Libraries should be fun, right? Well, we found a "fun" library today! Great atmosphere and friendly librarians totally made me forgive the rather outdated interior and size. I loaded up on beginning reader books for Lucas, "girlie" books for Ava, and a couple for me and Wyatt and a couple movies! We even arrived just before story time was beginning! We haven't done story time in over a year! Wyatt did pretty well, although an unpleasant diaper did interrupt the magical moment! My favorite part was the self-checkout! Ahhh-mazing!

Friday, January 06, 2012

cold hugs

So I'm waiting in the drop-off line at school with Lucas this morning when he spies his (assistant) teacher, "Mom, Ms. K is always cold when I hug her in the morning!"

This admission of hugging made my heart so happy! Hooray for teachers who give hugs! As much as I miss Lucas and pray for him during the day, I'm so happy to hear he's getting a little affection at school! Well, I'm not happy about the girls who chase boys around the playground trying to kiss them! That's a whole different kind of affection!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I am NOT adjusting well to the back to school routine of waking up before 6! I hate it! grrrrrr.....

Seriously, how am I supposed to loving take care of my children when I'm so stinking tired?

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Some days, I feel like I have to chose between playing with my children and cooking a healthy dinner. I hate that. I want to give them both.

Tonight we're eating last night's dinner and squash. And we wrestled for an hour.

Monday, January 02, 2012


In the spirit of change, I cooked and ate a sunny-side egg for the first time this morning! And I liked it! Over the past year as God has gently pushed and sometimes shoved me through opportunities of change, I've realized that I miss out on a lot of good things when I'm not open to something new.

Like sunny-side eggs.

 Lucas and Matt are out riding bikes this morning before Matt goes into work. Lucas has asked us to take his training wheels off! Looks like someone else is doing a little growing up this year!

Sunday, January 01, 2012


We have been living in our new place for just over a month now. I marvel at how quickly it has become home to us. There are still boxes to unpack, closets to organize, and pictures to hang (and a loooong list of other to-dos), but that all just makes it feel even more like home. We are in a long term rental since our home in the Upstate is also being rented.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. We spent several days with my family, relaxing, eating way too much, and enjoying time catching up. It felt like a mini-vacation. Actually since I didn't have to cook or clean for 4 days, it was a vacation! It was such a special time.

I caught myself many times during the (short) fall season here in Charleston complaining about the warm weather and the lack of chill in the air; however, experiencing that chilly weather back in Georgia last week, I am happy that we live on the coast!  We have been riding bikes and playing outside without scarves and gloves and hats and I am so happy about that! I can do with never having to bundle up three kids just to get in the car and hear them complain about being too hot ever again! Are you feeling me?

I am so optimistic about this new year. In many ways, we have just come out of a major year of change, but I am still praying for more. Well, not big change, but personal change. Like maybe my hair color, my weight, and my heart, in no particular order, of course! I also hope to make friends in our new neighborhood and get plugged into a local MOPS. I also would like to change my lack of dancing abilities, but I'm not sure that's going to happen.

Here's to a new year and a new perspective! We're planting roots and watching beautiful things happen!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Learning to Listen

So the other day I was talking with a friend, when I felt God urging me to share a specific struggle in my life with this person. My first response was "No! Not her God." I continued to feel the Lord urging me to let my guard down and open up, but I kept my foot on the break and finally said "anyone but her God." Thirty minutes later, I wrestled long enough and was faced with this from the Lord. "You may not trust her yet, but do you trust Me, because that is the true issue here!" And then this was the double whammy - "Do you believe that I have good things for you?"

With that, I went to my friend and shared my heart with her, and I was overwhelmingly blessed by her insight and conversation! We laughed together, we cried and I left so encouraged by the wisdom that was spoken to me that day!

So I encourage you to listen to the Lord prompting you! He does have good things in mind for you! I promise!
Today is Day 1 of Phase 2 of my 30 day workout challenge. Basically a month ago, I decided to challenge myself to move every day for 30 days. Whether it was a hard-core Insanity workout or a long run or simply playing tag with the kids, I wanted to get my heart rate up every day.

Well, I didn't meet the challenge. In fact, I only "moved" 15 out of 30 days, which is why my weight didn't change this month.

I'm starting up the challenge again with the commitment to follow through! I had a great 25 minute workout today while watching reruns on Lifetime.

I have never struggled to lose weight like I am struggling right now. I can use all the help I can get!  So if you too are wanting to get in shape and lose a few pounds, follow along with me on this journey to get in shape and get skinny! :)  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I've been reading in the book of Acts for a while now, going thru a reading plan with our children's ministry volunteers. I've never been much for reading plans, because I don't like being told what to do, but this time, I submitted. As I'm slowly making my way through the book (we're also reading Proverbs), the main point I keep focusing on is how specifically God spoke to Paul and directed his life. Paul lived what I think modern-day believers would call "a spirit-led life".

For quite some time now, I've prayed "Lord, I want to live a Spirit-led life. I want you to direct my plans, my conversations, my actions, my heart." And to some extent, I've seen Him answer that prayer in my life. But today, Jesus spoke to me while I was reading Acts 18, and the truth just sort of set me free and changed my prayer.  Here's the gist of it:

"Sara - I AM leading your life. My Spirit lives inside of you. I lead you and speak to you ALL OF THE TIME. You just have to listen to Me. Stop asking me to speak to you - I already am doing that!"  

Oh snap. That's some truth that I need to hear this morning. Jesus does speak to us all the time. He directs our lives. He brings people into my life every day whom He wants me to speak to, encourage and love on. He has equipped me to serve Him, and He promises to be with me wherever I go. That's the truth.

So now I understand why I keep reading about Paul's travel plans. Paul did everything that Jesus asked him to do. He didn't try to rationalize it away or justify why he should get his own way. His heart was in a position, a posture, to simply obey.

"Give me faith to Trust what You say....."

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tomorrow morning, Lucas starts his first day of "real" school! This ain't preschool folks! This is the big leagues and I'm overwhelmed! Thankfully, Lucas is blissfully unaware of the daunting 16 years ahead of him (yes, I'm counting college!). We met his teacher over the weekend, Mrs. Judy, and we all were very impressed! Word on the Kindergarten street is she is the teacher everyone wants to get! She greeted Lucas with an offer for a handshake or hug; he chose hug. They both love reptiles and bugs and watching Discovery Channel. I think it's a match made in Heaven. (Well, I have been praying for her for the last 6 months!)

We're off to bed, rather late tonight. I had to watch the finale of "Next Food Network Star" because I love it! Favorite show of the summer, every summer! I also made my first attempt at Matt's birthday cake! I think the flavor is spot on, but the whole thing fell apart while I was icing it, so now it's more of a spooned dessert then a slice-able cake.

Six o'clock is coming way too early, so I should head to bed. Please join us as we pray for Lucas tomorrow. I'm believing that he will be a light to the boys and girls in his class, and that he will remember at least half of what we've taught him! Please also pray with us for our house to sell!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello, again!

I wish that I could freeze time for just a little while. I want to savor this wonderful season in our lives just a little longer without anyone else having a birthday, out growing shoes, and needing a new pair of pants! The month of August is "birthday" month here in the Alexander household, which means my baby is now 1 and our princess has turned 3. The king of the house will be celebrating another year next week, but I'll refrain from telling you just how old he is! (Okay, I'll tell you that he won't be 35 any more!)

The end of the summer is bringing about such bittersweet days as we prepare for Lucas to start Kindergarten next week! So far, neither one if us has cried yet, but the first day of school just might change that!

Wyatt has become very skilled at cruising furniture and "walking" with his walker. I know it won't be long before he is running after his big brother and sister! Wyatt's birthday meant so much to me as the chapter of intense babying came to a close and a new chapter of baby/toddler begins. I am so thankful to be out of the exhausting sleep training/ nursing phase and onto the exploration, learning phase of Wyatt's life. Just this week he has learned how much fun he has pulling all my books off the shelf! He also finds food a'la floor to be very tasty!

Ava is on the cusp of letting her sassiness all hang out and I'm terrified! I remember those 3 year old tantrums from Lucas and like a frightening summer storm, Ava let us know she has it in her just yesterday! Prayers for our sanity would be appreciated!

I feel like or at least hope so, that I've grown a little too this summer. I'm learning about God's faithfulness in teaching me lessons over and over until I finally catch on! I'm also learning the joy of obeying Him, even if it takes me a while to surrender! My parenting skills are being stretched as a shift has happened in my focus on parenting Lucas's heart and not just his behavior. It's pretty exciting and exhausting! I've quickly realized that "apart from God, I can do NOTHING!"

Our church is growing by leaps and bounds! I'm amazed, thankful and peace-filled in knowing that God has allowed us to be a part of this movement! What a loving, faithful God we serve!

Happy Friday everyone! I pray you have a blessed weekend! And if you get a chance, please check out this blog and pray for baby Jude!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Week

Tonight I danced in Wyatt's room, his warm, cuddly body snuggled in my arms. And I sang to him one of my favorite songs. I just love that little boy so much! We put him to bed over an hour ago, but the little stinker wanted to play, so I let him! I would have never done that with Lucas! Oh, how I have changed! My Mom keeps telling me that I will be more slack with the third child, and I guess she is right!

We've had such a busy, wonderful and exhausting week! It started with dear, precious friends from our home town coming for a visit. What a gift it was to spend time with a family that we love so much! My Mom and sister Melanie came down with Melanie's girls and we had so much fun, all squeezed into our apartment! Mom, Melanie and I even scored some girl time downtown thanks to my favorite babysitter! Thursday, my wonderful in-laws came down and we all celebrated (early) Ava and Wyatt's birthday!

It was a wonderful party, the perfect blend of princess pink and baby boy blue. I'm overwhelmed with the reality that our baby is turning 1! I miss his littleness, but I love that he's still such a snuggle bunny!

We spent Friday at the Aquarium with Matt's parents and it was so much fun! Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we get to go back there anytime we want for the next year! We ate an early dinner at Mellow Mushroom (amazing!) and then treated the kids to some frozen yogurt! I just love how those places are everywhere these days! Truly one of my favorite treats!

We are all pretty wiped out, but it's a good feeling. Our hearts are full after such great quality time with people we love! We are so blessed!

Monday, July 25, 2011


We are in the midst of the long process of trying to sell our home back in Anderson. Would you please join us as we pray bold prayers? We had an open house yesterday, and from what our realtor told us, two families seemed very interested. Our house has been for sale for a long time now, and it's been easy to forget about it since it's over 3 hours away. But this month, God has been impressing upon my heart, through reading about the Israelites in Genesis and Exodus, that He desires for me to be painfully aware of our situation so that I will RUN to Him in our time of need.

Because denial is not the same thing as peace.

Just as the Lord delivered his people from difficult situations in the old Testament, I believe that He will deliver us. The Lord allowed His people to live in slavery for quite a while in Egypt, but the Bible is very clear that He heard their cries for help and He can to their rescue.

Matt and I are confident in God's calling to Charleston to be apart of NewSpring Charleston! This calling has brought so much JOY and PEACE into our lives! So with that confidence, we are praying that God will release us from our house in Anderson and allow us to buy a home here!

Please join us as we pray for God to bring the right people to our home - and soon! Actually, I'm praying the right family has already seen our home and is just waiting while they get their finances in order! I'm praying we will hear news this week - an offer - and we will have a signed contract by the end of the week!

I have no desire to put God in a little box or limit His plans. I truly have no idea how and when He is going to sell our home. But I do know all that He's been teaching me through His Word and I am confidant in HIS FAITHFULNESS!!! I'm not praying out of desperation or a good imagination. I'm praying out of my conviction that the Lord HEARS our cries and will move Heaven and Earth to take care of His Children.

My confidence is not in my plans or feelings; my confidence is in the Lord and His Sovereignty.

Please pray boldly with us!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One More....

I can't believe I forgot to share this link. It's the most important, bestest one! :) Please read this if you're a Mommy or if you love a Mommy! It's SOoooo good!

Motherhood is a Calling

A few Links

I want to share a few links of things that I'm enjoying on the web right now:

The Art of Losing Myself - I just found this blog tonight and I am so touched by the beautiful writing and this girl's passion to serve Jesus. Make sure you scroll down and read about Esther! Our God is SO good!

Knock you Naked Brownies
- I want to try these, like yesterday!

This is my new, favorite photography blog. I know them from Anderson, sorta. Well, Matt does. And they are A.MA.ZING!!

And this is one of my favorite sites to read when I need encouragement!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My week

My Lucas and Ava came home today after 5 days at Grandma's house. They are happy, healthy and tired after a great week with some one whom they love so so much! Can I just say how blessed I am to have such a selfless, compassionate Momma who gives and gives out of her overflowing heart?!

I spent the week enjoying our quiet home, working on little projects like scrapbooking, and organizing under the bathroom sink! Matt and I went out several times with Wyatt, running errands that would normally result in frustrated kids and parents. We even went kayaking for several hours as an "anniversary trip"!

It was a great week.

But I am SO happy to have my family back together again. The kids are asleep in their beds tonight, right where they should be. This week has been such a special time for me as I got (uninterrupted) time to read my Bible and pray, and really hear what God has to say to me.

I'm reading in the book of Genesis right now, going over the stories I've heard since I was a little girl in Sunday school. Stories about Abraham and Sarah, Lot and his pillar of salt wife, Jacob and Esau. But I can't stop thinking about Joseph. I keep thinking about how he must have felt as a young teenage boy when his brothers sold him to strangers. Can you even imagine? I can't.

As you probably already know, things got better for dear Joseph when he gained employment with Potipher, but a short while later he found himself in bondage again, this time in a jail, after being wrongfully accused of rape! I'm sure Jo-jo spent many nights asking God about His "so called plans" for his life! The story continues with some awesome events that land Joseph in the second highest ranked position in his country where he gets to use his power to protect, provide and ultimately minister to the masses and his family. Yes, he was reunited with those dear brothers who blinded by jealousy tried to get rid of him!

Through it all, I'm just struck by the Sovereignty of God. The trustworthy hand of God moving and shaping Joseph's life. I love that our God sees the big picture when my view is so, so small. I love that I can trust Him regardless of the circumstances around me. And you can too!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I haven't blogged in the past few days because I've been rather cranky and I couldn't find anything nice to blog about! I feel scattered and frustrated and down right irritable. My sour disposition naturally effects the kids, so there's been more fighting and temper tantrums then normal. I think my bad mood simply boils down to discontentment. Discontentment with myself and how I handle (or don't handle) situations with the kids and food.

That's two separate things - not kids and their food - but kids behavior and my own food issues.

I just read a wonderful blog post on my friend Molly's page and I just have to share it with you! Molly is someone I've admired and respected since I met her at the YMCA waterpark several years ago! She has a beautiful perspective on life and raising children. I hope you enjoy her post has much as I did!

I'm also going to take her idea and tweak it for my blog. Instead of sharing 10 photos from my day, because I do not have her talent, I'm just going to make a list of 10 moments in my day that I am thankful for! And I'm going to start with today, because I had a terrible attitude for most of it and I'm certain good things happened that I totally missed, so here goes!

1. I got to go to church today. Seriously, I love my church!
2. There were no temper tantrums as we got ready this morning to go to church!
3. Lucas had such a great time at church, he got upset when I told him it was time to leave!
4. Ava sang the "fruits of the Spirit" song and got them right!
5. The sense of community and friendship I feel every time I'm at church!
6. I got a 20 minute cat nap this afternoon!
7. Wyatt took a really long afternoon nap!
8. Ava took a nap after threatening to "never go to sleep!"
9. Lucas offered to help me clean the kitchen!
10. Matt took the big kids so I could talk to my Momma on the phone in peace!

There you go! All things that I am thankful for!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Mr. W.T.

Our Wyatt is 11 months old today! My heart is so full just thinking about all he means to me! To our whole family! When Matt and I first got married, we knew that we both wanted kids. Matt said he wanted two kids and he wanted his first to arrive before he was 30! (Matt turned 28 a month after we were married!) I said I wanted 4 kids, but only after a few years of marriage.

(As you can see, I won that argument and we are stopping at 3!)

Fast forward many years later and our third child is about to turn 1!!! My mind is totally blown away by God's amazing plan for our lives! Are you kidding me? He totally gave us these three beautiful kids and He trusts us to raise them up! I'm just humbled and so, so grateful!

So let me tell you about Wyatt for just a few minutes! Wyatt is a hoot! He loves to laugh, clap his hands, wave good-bye, and pull-up on anything and everything! He especially loves to pick things up and put them in his mouth! He's like my little "roomba"! I have to watch him like a hawk or he will find his next meal under the table! It's pretty funny though, when Wyatt finds a foam "bullet" that belongs to Lucas and crawls around the house with it in his mouth! It looks like a little cigar! And he LOVES those bullets! They are his favorite chew-toy!

Wyatt is my cuddle-bug! He has been this way from the beginning! I get snuggles and hugs from him all day long! He also is wildly popular in the church nursery! Wyatt is crazy about his brother and sister! He and Lucas often get into "trouble" for giggling in their room after dark! I try hard to be stern, but it's just so adorable and sweet!

Wyatt's favorite game is passing a ball back and forth! He claps his hands and giggles every time he passes it to me! I'm trying to teach him the word "ball", but we aren't there yet! I'm also trying to teach him the sign for "please", and so far he just smiles at me when I do it!

He eats like a horse and loves to stuff as many cheerios in his mouth at one time as he can! I love how he is the opposite of dainty! He's eating table food and so far hasn't rejected anything we've given him. Wyatt particularly likes pancakes, pasta, and peas!

As you can tell, I'm crazy about my Mr. Wyatt Thomas, as I so affectionately call him! I can't help but brag about him! And honestly, I think it helps me be a better Momma when I'm focused on the positives characteristics in my kids instead of all the annoying and frustrating things they do! But that's for a different blog post all together! :)

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fun Times

In our family, Fridays are our family day, since Matt is off from work! We like to do something fun, something a little different. Last night, we headed out to Blackbeard's Cove for an evening of pure fun! For a low flat rate, we played miniature golf, drove gocarts, and played on jumpy castles for hours! And we even got a pizza and drinks included in the fee!

It was so much fun watching Lucas's face as he got to race with Daddy! Ava couldn't miss out on the fun, so we girls took on the challenge and had a blast on the race track! My favorite part of the evening was watching Ava play put-put golf! Her technique was consistent and fool-proof. She would hit the ball once, then pick it up and place it 1 inch from the hole and knock it in! She "won" every time!!

We left Mt. Pleasant sweaty, exhausted, happy and slap-worn out! We will definitely be back for Family Fun Night!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Somethin's burnin' in the kitchen!

Summer television is simple terrible, in my humble opinion. The only show I'm following is MasterChef and I love it!! Home cooks competing for money and a cookbook! So fun! I have to say though as the main cooker in my home, that I am not nearly as talented and knowledgeable as the folks on this show! Seriously, the judges demand so much of them!

There's something about drama in the kitchen that draws me in every time!! I can't get enough of cooking competitions!